The Instax Mini 8 Experience


It took me a while to master this thing. In other words, it took me several boxes of films before I finally got it right – from distance to flash to the use of close up lens. It is quite of a challenge since I am used to the camera on my phone, with auto focus and macro options that allow it to be more handy, and DSLR. Not to mention the number of blogs I’ve read and videos seen to get more ideas. Yes. It might be a trial and error at first. But no matter how many reviews you read, the best way to get to know it is by using and trying it out for yourself.


But don’t be surprised. That is simply the nature of instant cameras – you cannot change what comes out of it. Like in real life, you only need to accept and eventually like it. But one thing is for sure. Every failure will make the next picture look better.


I remember someone told me this before, “Enjoy using it.” So I did and will continue doing so. 🙂

** Originally posted on my tumblr.


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